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Posted: April 26, 2011 in History

Coming to a dark street near you 2012/2013

Time attack update…

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Congrats to Billy on completing his first time attack round. Fair dues to him, he pulled out a 1:04.8 lap in the final getting 2nd palce in the Pro b class and 4th best time over all. Plans are afoot to change his street coilovers for actual sports items and to get some roll center adjusters to keep the car a bit more planted to the ground. So today was great starting point as it really was just a shake down for the car.
The WCP crew wishes Billy the best of luck in the future.

Heads up Time Attack tomorrow.

Posted: April 23, 2011 in History

Hi all,
some of the WCP crew will be heading up to Mondello tomorrow to support Billy in his Honda Civic Coupe sponsored by Alan Mason Crash Repairs (get your great paint jobs here) and WCP. It’s Billy’s first attempt at time attack in the pro B class so we want everyone to show their support.
I’ll also try to pop up a couple of updates during the day tomorrow.
WCP crew.

WCP PSA on internet “deals”.

Posted: March 10, 2011 in History

This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by people who actually care about cars. I’ve added a few pictures below of a turbo manifold we had to repair recently. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking “ah sure metal is metal, it’ll do the same job”. This particular manifold wasn’t even welded all the way round the outside (must’ve been a friday evening or a monday morning with a hangover job ).There is a reason that motor/tuning companies spend thousands if not millions developing parts and manufacturing processes. Unfortunately the costs get passed on to us but they actually save us money in the long run. We’ve seen over the years while doing thousands of pulls on the dyno and on the road the difference between quality parts and cheap tat. Brand new cheap manifolds that lose power over the stock one (yes the stock one not even an uprated aftermarket part), wastegate pipes that have fallen off on the road (that one was actually funny because the car was in France at the time lol), flanges that wobble on a flat surface and ones that crack because of the lack of adequate bracing.
So all we’re asking is that the next time you see a deal that is too good to be true, think twice before the impulse takes over and you whip out the credit card. Do a quick bit of research like checking out car specific forums, it’ll save you a lot of time money and hassle in the long run. Remember “buy cheap buy twice”, “never buy a pig in a poke”, “penny wise pound poor”, “never accept candy from strangers” and “kitchen pickers wear bigger knickers”. Okay you don’t have to remember the last one unless you work in a restaurant. Right so class is over, no more meandering lecturing for today go home and do your homework.

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Hi folks,
giving you the first look at WCPs new promotional video. Hope you all like it.

Some cars are better off left alone, well on the outside anyway. When you have a saloon as good-looking as an Evo 8 you don’t really want to be gathering any more attention by adding garish kits etc.. But you can sneakily add a bit of power.

So how do we do that then?
Well you can start off by increasing the displacement (there’s no replacement for displacement as the boys with the yank tanks say) by swapping out the 1997cc (85mm bore x 88mm stroke std) bottom end of the 4G63 block for the 2351cc (86.5mm x 100mm) of the 4G64 from the Eclipse (ya the one in 2FAST 2FURIOUS yuck but it was good for something). Not a bad start I suppose but just not good enough we’ll give it a little more with a Brian Crower billet crank increasing the stroke to 106mm when combined with Crower rods, some custom CP pistons and a Cometic metal head gasket bring us up to about 2.6l (now that’s a bit better).

A big bottom needs a big mouth so the help the engine breathe we had to do a little to the head. All Crower in the head this time springs with titanium (ooh titanium) retainers kit, 1mm oversized intake and exhaust valves. All finished off with a big lumpy stick aka a “Stage 3” 280 degree Crower camshaft to open the mouth a little more.

As some may have noticed the girls with the big bottoms often wear big jewelery. So we given this girl a nice Garrett GT35 earing hanging off an equal length split-pulse hoop which feeds around through a PWR rad to the AMS VSR intake. Also included in the ensemble is an AMS fuel rail with 1000cc injectors and an OS Giken STR clutch.

All this is controlled by a Haltech PS1000 ecu otherwise you might as well chuck the whole lot in the skip without decent engine management.

After all that looking at the cars innocent smile and rosey red cheeks you’d never realise that there is a screaming bunny boiler underneath. Be careful she could take a leg off remember she’s sneaky.

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Will update after the run in and a little bit more work with figures. P.S. I’m gonna be in so much trouble over the “big bottoms”.